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Proven Guilty

I’m sick n tired on taking about clumsy Norwegian which always made stupid promises. As i has been approached by my guys in frustrated told me that they had been given shits by them.

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Making Easy Money

Making easy money, that’s how SIS Marine tried very hard to do, in order to get it from their client. I had worked along together with all races arround the globes, from the whole world and today two fuckin Norwegian tried to show to me how foolish they were. Teruskan membaca

My Second Merdeka Son Was Borned.

31st August,2009 1:20am at Hospital Besar Melaka my second Merdeka Son Was Borned and officially made me a father with two “Anak Merdeka”.

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We are ready to go

naga 2It has been a long months since I started my job here in UMWSD. Days by days gone and I can say that everyday we faced a dammed miserable things weather we found or been highlighted by our reps in Batam. DDWG known as dry Docks world Graha, claimed to be owned by an Arab guy whom stayed in Dubai.

We are constructing 2 new jackup rigs which been signed between our partner Standard Drilling Norway and Labroy Offshore Limited few years back in Batam.

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Quit Smooking

I has been 3 weeks, as I hardly tried to quit smooking after been advised by the doctor. I usually smooked 3 packs of Marlboro Lights (60 sticks) per day and now reduced to 1 pack to 14 sticks for two days.

Since  I reduced my smooking habits, I felt on gaining weight as well as my tummy getting ….. erk… my pants all getting small…!!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. I did realized that i can’t stop eating at all the time. So, to avoid from taking heavy food day and night, I drank more then plenty of waters…. and once I felt to smooke, I drink plain water.

As a result, I successfully gain my waist not bigger but hugeenough…!!!! My tummy was huge filled with liquids. I’m hardly to move, to stand after sitting on the floor and felt inconfortable at all the time.

NOW I’M CONSIDERING TO SMOOKE BACK……………!!!!!!!!!!!!  haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cau ci baiiiiiiiiiiiii

Letih dan lelah…

dah lamo dah tak conteng kek dalam blog nie. Mano tak e, asik dok kojo-kojo-kojooooooooo yo. poie lopeh subuh balik lopeh isya’. Naik koreng dah nie…. lutut pun dah longga-longga nie ha…. lamo dah tak dapek nie haaa… huhuhuhuhu