Quit Smooking

I has been 3 weeks, as I hardly tried to quit smooking after been advised by the doctor. I usually smooked 3 packs of Marlboro Lights (60 sticks) per day and now reduced to 1 pack to 14 sticks for two days.

Since  I reduced my smooking habits, I felt on gaining weight as well as my tummy getting ….. erk… my pants all getting small…!!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu. I did realized that i can’t stop eating at all the time. So, to avoid from taking heavy food day and night, I drank more then plenty of waters…. and once I felt to smooke, I drink plain water.

As a result, I successfully gain my waist not bigger but hugeenough…!!!! My tummy was huge filled with liquids. I’m hardly to move, to stand after sitting on the floor and felt inconfortable at all the time.

NOW I’M CONSIDERING TO SMOOKE BACK……………!!!!!!!!!!!!  haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cau ci baiiiiiiiiiiiii


3 Respons

  1. yo la tu jang oi…

    ekau nak gomok ko nak isap rokok… pilih la mano satu..

  2. dear paktih,
    for every day, week and year that you do not smoke, u’ve actually improving your health.
    it’s not just for yourself, it’s for your beloved children as well. just think of them when you smoke. I’ve seen dead people, their lungs were black and porous- meaning that they have been smoking for their entire life. and some of them died because of lung cancer! their lungs looked GROSS!!!

    so, stop smoking please, same goes to my beloved dad. it’s hard , but once you get the grip of it, you’ll be finely healthy like you had never smoked in your life!

  3. Hey you have taken a great decision,but now you are going to take a bad decision.Think twice before taking this decision.

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