We are ready to go

naga 2It has been a long months since I started my job here in UMWSD. Days by days gone and I can say that everyday we faced a dammed miserable things weather we found or been highlighted by our reps in Batam. DDWG known as dry Docks world Graha, claimed to be owned by an Arab guy whom stayed in Dubai.

We are constructing 2 new jackup rigs which been signed between our partner Standard Drilling Norway and Labroy Offshore Limited few years back in Batam.

Here you can see NAGA 2 stood up strong as a new high-tech drilling rig with sophisticated drilling equipments attached to the rig. The mast stood high with more than 36 metres tall and attach with VARCO TDS-8SA Tripple S Pipe the latest machine on earth. The double Chair Cyberbase confirmed the rig as a 3rd generation rig and with all the DCDA Technologies attached.

The rig can afford to accommodate 110 POB in a time with confortable and high class galley constructed to satisfy current needs. The cantilever skid 75′ long without interupting the stability of the rig and the design of the fixed section for each legs made the rig stood strong.


4 Respons

  1. apo ko bondo eh ni jang, kapal laut ko, sampan ko atau bondo nan korek jik timah tu…

    tak paham pakcik ni do…

    ekau ni buek apo, kojo lombong ko apo

  2. takdo…. ni ha mesen bancuh kuih, kan nak gayo nieeeeeeeeeeeeee……….. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

  3. “more equipments on board, more headaches”

  4. How’s your EAM System? Still stick to SAP?

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