Proven Guilty

I’m sick n tired on taking about clumsy Norwegian which always made stupid promises. As i has been approached by my guys in frustrated told me that they had been given shits by them.

We had a critical situation in which dragged us into such situations before we could allow our rig to operate for production. There was a confused situation which not allow us to get fully involved in the construction of the rig and due to some circumstances, we have to call upon the OEM to solve all the problems. The very fist thing that we faced is the attitude f the Norwegian NOV.

It some sort that they just spent their fucking vacation on out rig, they just eat sleep and fuck! We still faced lots of problems after our XOPS guys came on board and checked the systems. The very first thing what the Norwegian did was creating a problems with the crews. They spent their time’s onboard by serving the fucking internet, serving the TAGGED may be tried hardly to find ladies to be fuck..!!

The XOPS guys really got frustrated with the current situation. The talk back systems are not running, the E-Hawk system which officially certified without any internet line connected to the cyberbase and thousands of problems which has been left without any countermeasures been taken.

The Norwegian guys spent their honeymoon by sitting inside the LER fully air conditioned room, thy ate and drank there and left all the shits behind. (shits at the place they eat).

At the end of the honeymoon before they grabbed their fucking bag to leave the rig, they promised to give something fucking secrets to our chief mechanic. “I’ll give you the programs/data which highly confidential and should not be exposed to anybody” before they hand over the thumb drive.

once they left the rig, and when our chief mechanic browse the thum drive you know what happened? NOTHING INSIDE IT….. it was a blank thumb drive…!!!!


5 Respons

  1. eden ingat ekau cakap pasal orang noghori… rupo eh norwegian… pak cik nak mengamok dah ni. dokek dokek la bunyik eh tu. orang noghori pun camtu yo, kito main internet yo, carik botino…

    • Den mano ado caik betino…??? takdoooo doso den buek camtu…

      dah omputeh biaso laaa tambahan laie pulak norwegian… kalau tak tak melotop Piper Alpha doooo…. gilo apo? memanteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk yo kojo eeeeeee… ptuiiiiiiiiiiii………….!!!!

  2. wtf

  3. wah masih belum siap ka ini rig…lama juga yer…dah la ramai quit dgr cerita

  4. The bats are going to be wood and a lot had been left inside the field, because of the colleges that played in their game.

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