My Second Merdeka Son Was Borned.

31st August,2009 1:20am at Hospital Besar Melaka my second Merdeka Son Was Borned and officially made me a father with two “Anak Merdeka”.

30th August,2009 we went back to Melaka as I have to send back my first “Anak Merdeka” Muhammed Redzuan Ikhbal back to his boarding school in Selandar Melaka on the next day. After reached home we have a routine “berbuka puasa” with all of our family members and after that I decided and went out to a kampung coffee shop just in a walking distance from my mother house in Padang Jambu, Melaka.

While having my “teh tarik” my sister called me back home because my wife experienced some bleeding which shown a sing to have a delivery. It was too early as it was only 7 months and doctor has extimated that the delivery shall be in October,2009. Then my wife decided to visit a clinic as we didn’t suspected that she’s gonna give a birth before suddenly I change my mind and straight away heading to the Maternity Melaka general Hospital. Once I reached there, the hospital attendance guy grab a wheel chair after I mentioned to him that my wife she’d gonna give a birth. Well sometime you have to act like something serious in order to get a good services from them… huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.

After sent her to the hospital, I shoot and drive straight to Shah Alam because I need to present the “Red card” (Pra Natal Record Book) shall in case my wife need to give a birth on that night. But in my mind, I never tought that my wife she’s gonna give a bith of my 6th child…!!!!!! I went back to Shah Alam, grab the red card and prepared me some drinks and then drove back to Melaka.

On my way…………!!!!! my wife called me that she has given a birthand need me to bring the card to the hospital clinic immediately. I’m shock to death, because I didn’t realized that he will be born that soon. When I drove in the highway, I suddenly shocked and shouted……….. today’s MERDEKA.!!!!!!!!! I got a second “Anak Merdeka”…!!!!

I called my mother and told her that my wife has safely gave a birth and asked her what day and date was that day? My mother said it was Monday…!!!! Then I asked her again, what day is today when she told me again that that day was Monday…!!!

Then I said to her, that that day was “Merdeka Day” and she shouted and congratulate me for my second merdeka son. I named him as “MUHAMMED HARITH IRFAN” which brought lots of meaning in my life. May god bless us in a family and give us more “rezeki” in the future time….. “amin”


3 Respons

  1. Congratulation… nanti we all datang visit…..

  2. congratulation…..sesungguhnya anak-anak adalah rezeki paling besar DIA berikan…..smoge smakin melimpah rezeki abah ye…amin

  3. Just where did u actually pick up the points to post ““My Second Merdeka Son Was
    Borned. hip hop world wide”? I appreciate it -Xiomara

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