My Second Merdeka Son Was Borned.

31st August,2009 1:20am at Hospital Besar Melaka my second Merdeka Son Was Borned and officially made me a father with two “Anak Merdeka”.

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Being a Teacher

As I spent my time fully at home as a “househusband”, I had started a tution class for my kids after the came back from school everyday.

I bought a 6 X 5 foot white board that cost me about RM90 at Huan Yo (kedai stationeries Cina kat depan rumah tu haaaa) together with the whiteboard markers and a duster. My fully attention was my 10years old son Amar as he needs lots of practice in writing.

Seronok jugak macam dah jadik cekgu pulak ….. huhuhuhuhu..

When Ikhbal came back from his school, he brought back his homework where I saw him putting down all his technical drawing equipments spreading on the floor, and suddently I flashed back my memories which happened long time ago when I balik kampung from Polytech with the same homework.

A set square, flex curve, french curve and  compas refresh my memories for 20 years ago when I’m in technical school. He asked me about the first and third elevation drawing, isometric drawing and some other related to his studies.

Last week he called me from school asking me weather he should stay in Engineering Drawing or LCT Class? I can’t decide anything because I didn’t know what his interested with. Engineering Drawing for me was an interested subject which I scored full marks while in school (if I’m not mistaken…huhuhuhuhuu) but I know nothing in computer technology (tak pernah belajar bab nie beb…).

So, I explained to him more about engineering drawings before he came back and told me that he had decidced to take engineering drawings class.

And today for the very first time I’m teaching engineering drawing to my kid. I might forgoten some skills on preparing engineering drawing but after I saw all complete sets of engineering drawing tools, easily I grabbed all the memories and started sketching and put it down on a piece of paper. I admit that, I had forgoten some of the definations but, I successfuly covered it up back by referring to my old machineries engineering handbook which I used before in school. I still kept it in safe and it still looked new.