Making Easy Money

Making easy money, that’s how SIS Marine tried very hard to do, in order to get it from their client. I had worked along together with all races arround the globes, from the whole world and today two fuckin Norwegian tried to show to me how foolish they were.

A fleet management system which they call it as STAR IPS and STAR CPS. IPS stands for Information and Planning System and CPS brought the meaning of Centralize Purchasing System. If you have a chance to view the truly operated system, you could find the beautifulness of the structure where they call it as SFI which stands for Standard Filing Index. They also call it as Technical Account and there it describe every single inch of the fleet and able the users to manage the each vessel on the fleet effectively and that’s if you get the full version which left no hiding( will be explain in details  later).

The STAR offers two options which can be operates either on ORACLE or MSQL database and required about 2MB space on disc or a bit larger than that. I wrote too much about this STAR and that wasn’t the main point as I want to express it here. The main issues that I would like to share with all of you out there is the way how the SIS Marine treated their customer.

I had worked and hold a grant as a superuser for Enterprise Assets Management in various program and database and since those days I found out that the Assets Managements System offered me the same structure and hierarchy at all the time and specifically offers Manageable Maintenance System which later they call it as CMMS. As I saw the STAR System at the first time, I found that the system was too complicated and it would brings more delays on the executions of the maintenance activities onboard especially, but after 6 months struggling on compiling the data with all crews at site, we seek minor advise from SIS Marine and minimum requirement for them to update/amend the System.  SIS Marine was responsible on selling the STAR system to all users where they gain money from the services that they charge in a later after, as and when.

Among all the customers which they claimed to be theirs, the only company which offer them less money as they only required to upgrade the system where mainly sitting on the major platforms. (not that major la, we just call it major la because we tried to emphasise the tiny little system) was a company in KL. 

Various way has been done and lots of actions has been taken by SIS Marine until one day the dare to touch the system database in order to get PO from their customer to call them to come and review their faulty system. We did realized wut that they (SIS Marine) hardly tried and wut that they had done, our management have a weekly meeting and everytime in the meeting we will voice out the problem of the STAR System which shown inconsistency on the System. The System which claimed to be the most friendly has turned to be a night mare to all of us as a user. On the day we called the SIS Marine Project Manager to come down to KL to oversee our system and purposely I had change the logging password to the server and the application. 

As we don’t have an excess to the server we didn’t ask the password to be protected and always open for anybodies to view, as long as you have the MSQL Management Server software and owned a password to enter. Once the SIS Marine apointed Project Manager was here in KL with his long necktie hung on his shirt, he started mentioned that we had done lots of mistakes which effect the system to run in smooth. The lessons that he tought us before has been claimed to be in the oposite site and just not to prolong unnecessary speach and arguement, we straight away started on asking him to start with his job on reviewing the system database which he claimed to be the main roots of the problems. He took the whole day to do his job and before I left the office at 5:30pm he had shown his busy on setting up some printouts in our CPS. 

Before of that, he insist to have a password to enter the server as I stop his fucking craps stories and staright away gave him the password to enter the server where the adjustment had took place at the first time. Now you can see it clearly how they created the problems and requested themselves to be called to repair the problems in which has been created before. This is how they make money. 

No mater you are working with the MSQL or ORACLE, the system works as what it is, as long as you didn’t make any adjustment as well, nothing could happened. Missed setting of your application would result you a total different compared to missed setting of the operating database. To believe that someone with years of experiences in Assets Management System didn’t know about IT, that will be a foolish way of thinking.



6 Respons

  1. apo ni jang….

  2. Yeah I knew them all in Singapore. the way the make money by sabotaging the system. I’m very good in MSQL and since you have an acess to the Management server, you can do anything.

  3. Hi there my old friend?

    YOu also using STAR, the system is good but the guy included the guy which had short leg at one side are fucked!!!

    They spent months on our rigs and did nothing. We observed that.

    When you are leaving Oman? Please give me a call when you are free.

  4. We used Armos, we didn’t use STAR. The structure is about the same as we are using the SFI.

    What it has to be done, since you are only working with the application nothing will happen. Unless you made an adjustment with the management database which required you to login the MSQL server

  5. Well Mohammed, I knew the fuckin Norwegian, that’s what happened to the late of Piper Alpha platform. They have fuckin small brains and act like a donkey in the desert.

    Did you remembered wut happened to our SAP with some donkeys in Dubai? but they are more professional huh…??

    Good luck, and please pay us a visit once in a while.

    RIg Sup

  6. Gosh… Mohammed, how are you. it’s been a fuckin years since we fuck up the company man after I fuck deep in his ass.

    Well I knew wut you we saying, says it as always… fuck them all, and plug their dumb ass…

    Brayn Flake lookin for you, I didn’t know he might have to fuck the donkey again… fuckin stupid..!!!

    See ya again Mohammed.

    Rig Manager 112

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