Even the sky is not the limit for the hopes and aspiration of Arab citizen worldwide. Little wonder, they seek newer and newer development projects in all parts of the Arab world. And why not, the intellectual capabilities of the Arab can rival the best in the world which can be parleyed into achieving sustained prosperity under the umbrella of Arab unity.


goldmine of talent which, if been utilized properly, can lead to matchless quality of life and welfare. The wealth, generates thus, could make the Arab self-sufficient in all things.

The Arab world brims with people of high caliber who are ready to work hard to achieve their goals. Despite this crackerjack qualities of the citizens, corporations among Arab countries is still a far cry, and all talks of projects which require mutual cooperation often vanish into the air.

The Arab citizen aspires to see the Arab world as a workshop in which all have a roll to play. The long cherished dream of Arab is to see the boarders between Arab countries as bridges of communication. They nourish such hopes and dreams because of their believe in the magnitude of the potential that is available in this part of the world.


The Arab citizen is indeed fully aware of numerous example of unity among peoples and nations worldwide with precious little to share between them. But such nations have put aside their differences and work for a common objective. EU is a classic example. We all knew how the EU had made a giant leap towards a single currency, the European Common Market and movement of citizen of member states across the boarders. That is not all. Spectacular changes and programmers are on the anvil for the EU member states.

The Arab peoples pin their hopes on any Arab summit before they kicks off believing that they would be a tad different from the previous summit. And from the conclusion of the summit, they hope that the recommendations in the final communiqué would often flood them with literature on Arab join projects and so on and so forth. But the summit gets over, such projects seems to be over too.

The Arab citizens would always look forward to seeing the recommendations being translated into action. Summit usually churn out plans for ambitious projects, but a few will see the light.


The fact remains that the Arab citizen’s dreams are quite achievable. They however do not see an Arab Common Market or single currency happening with the snap of a finger. They’re only asking for suitable steps that could pave the way for such major achievement. Giant project cannot be achieved all of a sudden; they presuppose prolonged studies.


The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The Arab citizen is fed up to the teeth with empty promises and slogans. He is aware of the fact that all factors for a successful joint march are available at the Arab summits. Their only hope is that projects and scheme arrived at the summits would become a reality and would not remain on the paper. The Arab citizen are browned off by the torrent of statements and little action.

  miester:- will come soon with the omanization program news


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    ” Best rapid in England” Storey, I don’t think so!

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