New MMS, new task, new challenge.

It has been nearly 6 months as I had served UMWSD and since the first day I joined the company I had been given a task to setup the STAR System for the company.

To be honest with you out there, this is my first time I saw it and to be frank you you also, it was a hard time for me to accomplish the task. A new system but really efficient, everything shown clearly in a single interface which allow you to work easily and i can say that it is more friendly then SAP or MAXIMO.

The system offers users to manage the whole fleet in a single interface. The only thing that you need to do is to select the appropriate vessel that you need to work with. I spent months to understood the trend of the system, I’m not an IT Engineer so the things that I only know is to apply the system.

Working with SQL database was more easy then ORACLE. Although STAR System offers users either to select ORACLE or SQL but most of the companies nowadays preferred SQL and I didn’t fucking known why, but for me I felt the difference.

STAR System offers users the systematic Filing Index which widely used in North Sea. if you remembered the late Piper Alpha tragic incident which killed most of it crews. The Norwegian has created a more systematic fleet management system in order to manage their vessels, especially the jack up rig, tender bash, tender assist etc all over the North Sea Operations.

I’m not going to tell you about the North Sea Operation but to emphasise you the marvelous STAR System which been introduced to me. I love working with it and I did believed that I could master the application within a short time. You can choose the modules in which you want to manage your vessels. It was a complete management system with safety management clearly arrange in a single module. You can find a Accident module, Near Accident, Non-Conformities, Guarantee Claims, Consequences, potential Consequences, Findings, Audit inspection and Safety observation Card Module line up under a drop down tree under the module.

Also a lesson learn module which allow you to make an improvement from time to time. You’ll love it when you have a chance working with it.


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