New Job, New Home and New Environment

Its been  a long time I didn’t free my time writing and updating my blog. Not because I’m lazy but a bit busy with my new job which dragged me and paid more attention to complete the tasks been given.

Today is the first weekend with my family since we move to Shah Alam. This morning we went to the fish market at S 6, having breakfast there and scoot home two hours later. Farisha not feeling very well today and actually he body felt a bit worm since yesterday. My wife decided to bring her to the clinic this afternoon.

Hafiz has started his schooling last Friday at Section 9 and Amar will start by Monday next week. I’d seen from their face an enjoyment with their new home, new schools and new friends. hafiz had started a relationships with some kids from our neighbours.

I couldn’t tell all of you out there how to appreciate on spending weekend with your family. To see the kids flittering arround, the boys are playing in the living room sounding the vehicles while they are pushing their toys, Farisha to climb up to my head while I’m reading a news paper while I’m planning to clim my wife in the mid of Saturday night for our future undertakings investment………… huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.

As my house facing directly to the pool, I could saw my hero’s swimming and diving in the pool up and down happily while their sister just sat on the chair looking at he brothers.


2 Respons

  1. kat shah alam gi pasar bole breakfast sekali taw ~~ (nada kejobor-joboran)

    • ya lah kakak@makcik tu… “bagusnya pasar kat sini yer, sambil beli sayur boleh breakfast sekali”,,… wat da… she tought I just came out from hutan simpan ka?

      Kureng asam boi tol… terus putus selera pagi tu.


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