Chinese New year Incident

Well I think it’s not too late to great “GONG XI FA CHAI” to all Malaysias especialy to all my Chinese friends. What a great celebration and a holiday. I spent most of the time with my family of course after suffering 4 days “ceret beret” during Chinese New Year. May be I ate lots of oranges…..ahaks..!!!As you known very well, when school holidays, when all families gathered together and when crowed heard in every corner of the house, grandmother will lay down on bed in her room after swallowed 2pcs of panadol to reduce her headache. It was the same thing happened to me when all “cucu-cucu Cik Munah” came back for holidays. Out of 18 grandchildren of my mother in law, only 4 of them was girls the rest all hero which potentially brought her in bed because of migraine… huhuhuhuhuhuhu

In the late afternoon at 6:30pm after my wife sent my son back to school, just near to the MPMBB someone had bumped our car from the back. As what that I had been told the young guy used to be one of the “mat tiarap” on a rushed back to Lumut as he had to report for duty at 12:00am. What a jerk…

He claimed that my car which drove by my wife didn’t have brake lights before my wife shown him our miracle rear brake lights. Huge and bright!!!!

After the incident, the guy called his father, mother, brother and my wife called me where I spoke to his father which introduced himself as an officer in Jabatan Kemajuan Masyarakat. Well, all those info doesn’t made any sense to me and I didn’t believed that  Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat will pay any single cent for the fucking damages that his son had done to our car. So I strongly suggested him to make a police report.

During the incident, many funny things happened. All kind of talks, promises, god words like “kun fayakun”, god willing and so many things which I couldn’t mention it here… huhuhuhuhuhuhhuhu. As for me, I didn’t said this as “kun fayakun” I most preferred as qada & qadar or suratan Ilahi, so that’s why we called it as an accident.

Then the mother, in the beginning was so polite said that all this thing happened as what had been written by the god and later at the end she told us that the truth will be revealed later and for those who try to bluff shall be paid in their life. Aku nak sepak tak mulut makcik nie???………… dah la anak dia langgar kereta aku, pastu dia kata pulak aku dok kelentong dia….. ke nak aku cungkil bijik mata dia dengan ibu jari kaki aku nie…. tanampak ker saper langgar saper???

Without wasting any fucking time, we drove to the Traffic Police Station and made the report. After further investigation by the AIO we could claim their insurance as well. Kalau aku dok layan makcik tu malam tu… aku rasa hari nie dah banyak dosa aku sebab menangkis mulut light siber dia tu…. huhuhuhuuhuhuhu

Satu Respons

  1. hahahahha.. makcik tu kemain dia membela diri.. kalau yusuf selam nengok sure panggil berlakon drama sembelit dia!!

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