Congrats to Along Ikhbal

Today 30th. December,2008, in deepest of my hearth, I cried after my son Muhammed Redzuan Ikhbal called me and said that the got straight A’s in his PMR exam. After struggled for years, after frustratedwith his UPSRresult with 4A’s 1B, after lots of advices had been given to him, he had shown his abilities and proven to be one of  the best students with 8A’s.

He gave me a big hug and said “terima kasih ayah” made me sayu beb…. and I congrats his and said that this are the results after all difficulties that you had gone through and you deserved it. Most of his teachers congrats him and me, sebab Ikhbal was one of the “orang masjid” in his school and hostel.

The ustaz told me “bang.. jangan lupa buat kenduri untuk Ikhbal”.. and I said insyallah.

I asked Ikhbal to encourage his brothers to study hard and challenge him and get better results. I always told my kids to study hard, respect the elders, treat and loves them in equal always.

4 Respons

  1. wah, did it! we are so proud of you. keep it up!

  2. i knew it, he takes after me btw..hehehe

    -da proud sis

  3. Congrats Ikhbal….keep up the very good work.

  4. I know you can did it..Fuh,my nightmare is over.Good job.

    -da worried little brother

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