Over 100 death and 300 wounded – Bloodbath in Mumbai

Indian army commandos were yesterday batling gunmen who launched coordinates attacks against luxury Taj mahal Hotel and other targets in Bombay, taking foreign hostages and killing over 125 peoples.Indian prime Minister, Manmohan Singh said that the attackers had came from outside the country and also warned the neighbours who provide a heaven to anti-India militans. He also said that the well planned and well orchestrated attacks probably with external linkages we intended to create a sense of panic, by choosing high-profile target and indiscriminately killing foreigners.

He also told that it was an evident that the group based outside the country which came with single-minded determination to create havoc in the commercial capital of India. He strongly voice out with India neighbours that the us of their territory for launching attacks on them will not be tolerated, and there’ll be a cost if suitable measures are not been taken.

However he didn’t identify any contry by name.

Washington described the attacks as “horrific” and the Oresident-elect Barack Obama pledging to work with India to root and destroy terrorist network.



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