My car after the accident

A few days ago I wrote about my car which drove by my wife met with an accident in Alor gajah Melaka. “Alhamdulillah” nothing bad happened to her and my kids.

1tAs I called the foreman regarding the status of the accident, he told me that the police investigator mentioned that the  incident happened  by both parties fault, and it means that we need to claim our own insurances to coverup all the repairings shits buecause of the accident.

Actually, I didn’t know how bad the damages was because I’m not there  where I can put my hands and foot on  it to see my own eyes how bad it was. To ensure that we had done the right things with the insurance company, I had asked the foreman to send me some photos (from 4 angels) of the car. Well with the double windscreen smashed, headlights broken and a fucking torned bumper, I think we just go for the insurance to estimate the cost. (claim the insurance)

I did called my wife and asked her regarding the investigation interview with the police, and she said to me21 that they didn’t call her yet to appeal herself in the investigation, but when the worksyop people asked them what is the result of the investigations, they said that the fault came from both parties  and they have to claim on their own. Yeaaaaaa…. nice bull to shit when they saw something shaking in their pocket huh…………

Anyhow, I pray and lots of thanks to “allah” on saving my family from geting any injurries.


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