My Prince & Princess

My lovely princeses, Nadhirah Farisha and Nadhirah Batrisya both 2 years old and 5 years old. The only two princess’s that I got among 4 of their brothers Redzuan Ikhbal, Amirul Hafiz, Amar Taufiq and Rushyaidi Daniel.

Let me tell you about them.3Redzuan Ikhbal (15) was the eldest, he just finished his PMR test and now waiting for the result. He’s a grown up boy to be a man soon when he reach 18 ( some 3 years to go). He had a very high ambitions. He ambitious to be a scientist as his first choice and come to be a pilot as a second  choice. He was borned in August 31,1993 at Melaka General Hospital, where at the moment we are celebrating “Merdeka” day (That was 15 years ago) and I’m sitting infront of the labour room waiting my wife to give birth on him. At about 10:30am, I had been informed by the nurse that my wife had gave a birth to my son and later I named him Muhammed Redzuan Ikhbal.

Amirul hafiz( 13) was the second elders, he is now in form 1 at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Talib Karim.4 He was in “Rancangan Khas” (not gerak khas). When ever I asked him about his ambitions, he repeatedly mentioned to me that he ambitious to be a jet fighter pilot and service in the army. Once I asked him weather or why he choosed to be a jet fighter pilot, he told me back that he want to serve the country and get all the enemies eliminates once and for all. I can say that, until today he had the same ambitions. Nowadays, it’s very hard to get his single photo and always try to avoid when someone try to snap his photo. (right photo sitting infront). Amirul Hafiz was borned on August 19, 1995 at 12:05am in Southern Hospital, Melaka. (13 years ago). My wife spent more then 5 hours in the labour room before she gave him a birth where we named him as Muhammed Amirul Hafiz.

g13Amar Taufiq (9) my third child, now studying in Sekolah Kebangsaan Alor Gajah 1, Melaka. He’s 4 years younger then Amirul Hafiz. Among my sons, he’s different. He’s lefthanded and doesn’t talk too much. He always put his right a side and always gave chances to his younger brother which I’ll write about him later. Actually, Amar Taufiq was borned a little bit early where my wife was experienced a complication with her “placenta” ( I didn’t know weather this is the correct word for it, or in Malay we called it “Uri”) while carrying him in her womb. The “uri” had came down to closed the way where forced him to be born by surgery. At that time, I was working in Kuala Lumpur and my family stayed in Melaka. Amar Taufiq has been borned on January 30, 1999 in Melaka General Hospital, at about 7:30am where after that I registered his full name as Muhammed Amar Taufiq. (that “Amar” choosed by my wife)

Daniel 5 years old, that’s the name we call him always. A happy cute and handsome boy, now studying in Tadika6 Matrix in Alor Gajah. He’s no. 4th in the family. He was borned on February 7, 2003 where at that moment I’m staying in Melaka, jobeless. (huhuhhuhuhu gawat-gawat pun……gewat jugak..hehehehe). I gave him his full name as Muhammed Rusyaidi Daniel, which brought good meanings in Islam. At his age of one year old, I left him and my family where I got a job in Miri, Sarawak. Once in a while when I came back home, he didn’t recognized me and cried when I hug him. (That was few years ago….. hhuhuhuhu) The very best thing is, among all of his brothers, he’s the only one grown up with “Brest fed” (menyusu ibu…. selain bapaknya oh… huhuhuhhuu), and stop at the age nearly to 5 years old. (tetapi.. bapaknya masih belum berhentiiiiiiii……..huhuhuhuhu).

pic11Batrisya 5 years old, my first daughter which I left her for so long, now came back to my life. I understood how hard to get along with her since these days, but….. well lets time make all the changes. She was borned on March 10, 2003 at Melaka General Hospital. I received a call from my mother in law told me that my daughter has been borned in safe. That morning, with my “motor cabuk” I rushed to the hospital to give her a hug. I named her as Nadhirah Batrisya which also bring a good meanings in Islam. I seldom pay her a visit, only once in a while when I’m working in Miri and then transferred in Oman. She might not knowing me closed as her father and tried to avoid me from getting closed to her when I tried to do so. I didn’t really mind on that and hope to solve all these missed understanding between us even take years to go. Huhuuhuuh what a miserables father am I…huh…………

Last but not least, my lovely youngest Princess Farisha (2). Borned in November 8, 2006 just two years backferry when I’m in Muscat Oman. I named her as Nadhirah Farisha, which brought lots and tons of meanings to me, my wife and our families. My wife gave her a birth in Melaka General Hospital and I was in Melaka on my holiday. After her age of one month old, again same like her brother Daniel, I left her with my wife where I returned back to Muscat, Oman for my job. Six months after that, I came back home and as same as I faced before, even more worse, she didn’t recognized me and cried when ever I gave her a hug. As you known, when you are working far away from your family, you wont be able to see you child grown up. Last ramadhan, I spent more then a months with her and only for the last 2 weeks she became closed to me, but not that closed and again I left her. She gave a big screamed once she woke up and saw me laying beside her. HUhuuhhuhuhuhu………

I didn’t know what would happen next, I had waited for more then 10 years for a daughter and now I had two, and both of them seems not to be so close to me. aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa nasibbbbbbbb………… nasibbbbb………….. sometimes I felt frustrated, tempered and angered to myself……….. but let the time tells.



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  1. yg number 1,3 and the last one yang paling gorgeous skali.. mne plak dtg gene nih?

    hahaha… jgn maree..

  2. itu baka……………….bapaknyaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………… huhuhuhuhuhuhu

  3. baka Hj Saban dan Hjh Kimbong

  4. interesting …. anak2…. bapak jauh cari duit… macam tu lah ….

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