My wife 1st. accident after 10 years of driving

Today 5th.November,2008 – I just left my house in Darsyt, on my way out where I receiveda message mentioned that my wife had met withan accident in Malaysia. I tried to call her so many times and finally she picked up the phone and told me that a motorbike had rammed our Mercedes Benz.My kids which used to be my 3rd sons and my daughter was in the car during the incident. Luckily, all of my family was save but the motorcyclist reported to have a broken leg. I asked my wife how the incident happened and she told me that she was in halt position in the middle of the junction on her way to the market after picked up our son from school. Suddenly a motorcyclistcame from no where behind the bus came very fast and rammed our car. She got shocked and came out from the car and found the motorcyclist fall off on the road with a broken leg. His helmet flew off from his head and broke our windshield.

Because of the hit and the sounds that made from the impact, my daughter got shocked and cried before my wife took her out to calm her down. My son, daughter and wife safe without any injury.

She had launched a police report and the car has been towed to the workshop for further repair. I called the mechanic (use to be our mechanic who maintained the car) and asked him about the car condition. He mentioned to me that the brand new bumper which I changed it last two years had gone, both of the head lamps broken, the engine bonnet folded and the windshield broken.

I called my mother and told her that my wife had met with an accident and she told me that she’ll be there in a short time.

You know how difficult when you are working and staying far from your family. I just came back from a month holiday in Malaysia and it would be very difficult for me to come back again due to the air flight ticket. I have to place the ticket booking earlier.

I hope everything will be ok and at the same time waiting for further result from the police investigation. I knew it would be very difficult to claim an insurance which insured motorcyclist, but anyhow we need to do something or otherwise we have to bare it all. Our car have the first party insurance coverage and the most that put worries on me is the motorcycle insurance coverage.

I had an experienced where I met with an accident with a motorcyclein 1996, i didn’t mind on asking any compensation from the motorcyclist because I taught I could claim his insurance to cover up all the shits. I finally paid everything from my pocket and the worsted thing is, I couldn’t claim anything.

4 Respons

  1. Dont worry. Yang penting semuanya selamat. Alhamdullilah. Cuma dia terkejut je. Ye lah.. terlanggar orang. Mana tak menggeletar. Kalau I pun sama. Hopefully insurance will cover it all.

  2. Jgn risau bro..

    Merz ko tu aku issue Allianz Insurance comprehensive… apa2 pun tunggu adjuster bagi quotation…

    kalau ada nak mintak bantuan call/YM aku..

  3. errr……….ada..leh tak kalau tahun depan nko kekalkan NCB aku tu 55%????…huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

  4. Nak retain NCD 55% ??? Tunggu aku ada nya Alias assurance & co.. hahahaha.. NCD tu confirm hangus.. start from ZERO ..

    Next year ko nyer sum insured pun dah x banyak… cover lebih kurang 30k jer merz tu… jimat sikit.

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