Hamid visit Muscat

04112008002Do you know this guy? May be yes and may be not, and by the way he’s my old friend which I met him in Muscat 3 years ago. His name is TIFFARAHINE HAMID AL MAKKI, a Moroccan guy who struggle with his family staying in Oman for years. He’s about 45 years old married man, with 2 kids and one will be coming soon at the end of this year.  

Time has changed, he’s now known as Sheikh Hamid(uhuuhuu… really a guy you are huh..!!)which came to Muscat and pay me a visit. He’s now staying in Musandam with a sponsorship as a director (Saqr Bukhar) by Sheikh Abdullah. The main purpose of his visit is to purchase a bus from Nissan and bring it back to Mussandam.

What a man, we spent lots of time together and told many stories about our life present and the past, but he’s style still the same, without any single changes that had been made.

Today we spent times in Mutrah and have our lunch at the seaside…just like what the Indians did here in Muscat. he he he he he he…….

Good luck to you Hamid and may gos bless you and your family.



2 Respons

  1. wah.. sure rindu bangat kat sahabat karib tu. dah peluk cium? wah.. dah jadi syeikh eh hamid tu.. huhuhuhuh..

  2. Hamid,

    Good luck to U Hamid. Carry on with your life…. I hope you’ll success.

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