43 days to go

I can’t stop on counting days before I grab my luggage’s and scoot the hell out of Oman upon completion of my working contract with MBPS.

43 days to go and on the 13th. December,2008 I’ll be leaving Oman and return back to Malaysia for good. I had spent 3 years here in Oman and I had enough dusts sucked in my lungs and chest, but experiences during my stay here bring me valuable additions in my life. You know when you are working closed together among the Arabs, Indians, Indiana Jones and other nationalities.

I had sent my latter, 2 weeks ago to the HR mentioned that I’m not willing to continue my services in the company. As they called me at the first time, they refuse to accept my latter and asked me to think about it and as I told them that I’m still insist to leave the company and straight away asked them to proceed with the paper.

Now, I’m a little bit busy on arranging a cargo to send my goods and belongings back to Malaysia. As I’m entitled for 2 meter cubes of cargo which shall be provided by the company, I’m most welcome those who interested to bring some goods from Oman to Malaysia. (family members only)

Earlier of this year, something really funny had happened to me with my immediate new boss (Scottish guy) which claimed that our Maintenance System (SAP/ORACLE) was out dated and willing to change it to excel sheets in which I did it 15 years ago in Japan. An ORACLE is a database which support the SAP, MAXIMO,CREDO etc and since these days proved to be the best of all applications (compared to excel sheets) and also replaced the ICHITARO etc at the earlier 1990’s.

I’m sorry to say that, I not western oriented guy. I’m Japanese oriented guy with extreme working discipline and always stick to the right things. (huhuhuhuhuhu sorry….. masuk bakul angkat sendiri). But that is not the point why I’m leaving the company and not willing to continue my working contract, I think I need to make a move for greater challenges and better offer… (huhuhuhhuu jobo tamak) and before of that I need to settle down all important things that I need to do once I’m in Malaysia.

Insyallah, everything  will  be bless by allah.

tooooo much thinking, toooo much no good, call me and spell my name correctly….

yem…wo…yetch…yey…yem…yem…yee…di       yen…yey…zet…yar…yai


2 Respons

  1. tengah pikir apa nak order dari Oman to help fill up the cargo

  2. i’ll be in malaysia by that time, see you at Mamak Malim Jaya

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