Why Chinese shouldn’t use christian name?

Most of the Chinese, like to use Christian names in order to be more glamours and looks nice when it written but not in pronounce. Check it out.Caller      : Hello, can I speak to Anny Wang? (anyone)

Operator : Yes, hello…. you can speak to me.

Caller      : No, I want to speak to Anny Wang.

Operator : You are talking to some one..!! Who is this?

Caller      : I’m Sam Wang, I need to talk to Anny Wang and it’s urgent.

Operator : I knew you are someone and you want to talk to anyone, but what kind or urgent matter is that?

Caller      : Well, please tell Anny Wang that our brother Neo Wang (no one) had involved in an accident, neo

                 Wang has been sent to the hospital. our brother Avery Wang (everyone) in on his way to the


Operator : Look…!! if no one involved in anaccident and no one has been sent to the hospital, then the

                 accident is not an urgent matter… You may find this hilariuos, but I don’t have time for this..!!

Caller      : Oh..you are so rude…who are you, what is your name?

Operator : I’m Siaw Lee (sorry)

Caller      : Yeahh…. you should be sorry on what you had said. Now… give me your name..!!!!!!


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