I just came back loitering around in Muscat with Kenny (our Area Manager of MBPS in China). We went to “Golden Spoon Restaurant” for our dinner and straight back home after that at 10:00pm(what a dinner at 10:00pm…sahur arr).

During having our dinner, we talked lots about “Indians” (originally from India) in our HQ office at Al Athaibah. As I did worked there, before I’d been transferred to RUSAYLOIL FIELD CENTER office. Actually, a new management had took over the overall operations of MPBS which brought bundles of “white guys” sitting on the chairs of the front row of the management. (you know wut I mean)

My contract will expire on December13,2008 left me in honeymoon for about two months more to go before they can say..“pack your things and scoot the hell outra here”. huhuhuhuhuhuhhuhhu….. I had served the company for two years and learned lots of valued lessons of drilling operation and truly Indians characteristic.

Kenny was so shocked when he experienced worked with the Indians, and I calmed him down and said… you’ll use to get along with them soon. The very first thing he asked me, why when they talked to you the use to shake their heads from left to the right and again to the left when they said “yes”..?? It’s so weired..

I’m proud of all Malaysian Indians, Datuk Samy……….. you are the best, I just realized it…. huhuhuhuhuhu..

“Anak-anak Mude, janganla menghisap dade…. derme la dare…….”….erk??



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  1. too much, its too much difficult to understand…
    too much hot here..!

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