Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh, proposed to increase tax 500%??

Peoples in Bandar Baru Klebang, Chemor was “shocked” to death when they received a notice from Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh to increase the “cukai pintu ” sky high up to 500% from November 2008 onwards.

The peoples of Bandar Baru Klebang, expressed their regrets and angered with the proposal and said that the suggestion to increase the tax sky high was totally incredible. Who on earth would did that before in Malaysia within a sudden, on increasing the tax up to 500%? My goodness, what a good business that they are trying to make?

since all these days, our veterans in their generation, all the ways followed what ever the government said but today everything had changed. Are this one of the results from the mandate that had been given by the “rakyat” to the new leading party?

Tak cukup duit ka mau run the show? Better step down and replace with the better one. Well, since the first day we heard that the new leading party had created lots of problems, especially among themselves and now they had shown themselves who they are and act like “cakap tak serupa bikin”.

Surprising……!!! they gave free rebate 20 ringgit from water consumption which caused big problems with SYABAS and tried to cover up all the shits by shooting the taxes up to 500%? not to everybody macha…. only when your bills came with less then RM20, or otherwise they will bring along a gastong and remove your meter infront of you.

Shahruzzaman Abdul Halim who bought a banglo at Jalan Sri Klebang 3, Bandar Baru Sri Klebang since 2 years ago, claimed that he paid RM108.80 per year, before he received a notice from MBI which charged him to pay RM691.20 per year.

Shahruzzaman had been noticed by the MBI on 15 September 2008, regarding the amendment of “cukai pintu” on his properties at Lot PT 186990, 13 Jalan Sri Klebang 3, Bandar Baru Sri Klebang, 31200 Chemor.

huhuuhuhhuhu adios amigo……. keluar mulut harimau….. masuk mulut naga ka?

Yaaaa…… mereka semua dulu berjuang untuk rakyat…………….

cukai naik………….. kenaikan cukai ini untuk siapa …………………. untuk rakyat

harga minyak naik……. kenaikan harga minyak ini untuk siapa …. untuk rakyat

bertuahnya menjadi rakyat…………. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhu



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