It’s a hot day today…

Not a same as last year, we are in the middle of October and the weather here still hot.!!!! Today I went to my office at 8:30am as I woke up late this morning. Purposely I wait for Razak to come and plan on having breakfast together, since Meor still celebrating his Hari raya in Malaysia.

The temperature went up to 38 degree this afternoon and I felt like being skinned alive when I walked from the office to the car park. Nothing much can be done today. I met some of my friends and have a little bit chit chat with them talking nonsense.

Tonight, the temperature has dropped to 28, what a nice weather, also nothing to do. I put a chair infront of the window, make myself a cup of coffee….sit down and cleared out my nose trails.

huhuuuhuuuhu…… it’s cleared anyhow….


3 Respons

  1. mak datuk!! korek lombong pun nak cita ke?? hehehehe.. bnyk dapek hasil? berapa kilo? miester – email me your YM add to me.. i add u no reply ahh!! too much eksen!!


    mari jumpa abe li..ok

  3. aiyak bukan too much eksyen maaaaaaaa…. in Omantel “berukband” manyak teruk loooooo……

    itu speed tulis jugak ada baaaaaaaaaaaanyaaaaaaaaaakkk bagus, tapi selupa sipot maaaaaaaaaaa…….. huhuuhuhuuhuhhuhuu

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