E-One Ikhbal….Independence Days

Thanks and “Syukur” to “Allah” and Muhammed Redzuan Ikhbal, my elder son on paying full efforts and concerntrations during his PMR’s exam from October13,2008 until October17,2008. You should know how worried you should be when your kids sitting in the major exam. That’s what happened to me and my wife. We had performed “sembahyang hajat” every night during his exam period begging to “allah” to give him blesses, to open his hearth and mind and to overcome all the difficulties while sitting in the exam.

I called my wife everyday and asked her about Ikhbal, he did called my wife once in a while after completed his studies in the evening time. ( they called it “prep”.. I didn’t know what it is)

I never have a chance to speak to him because I knew that he was busy with his studies and every time I called my wife, I asked my wife to send my regards and love to him and gave him some good advice and asked him to study hard for the exam. As he stayed in the hostels with his friends, I could reduce my worries a bit rather then staying outside where lots “craps entertainments” which might drove him slightly out from his concentrations for the coming exam.

Last Friday October17,2008, my wife called me and told me that our “anak bujang” will come back late on that day due to “merdeka celebrations” with his classmate friends. At the same day, she told me that she want to attend for a Hari Raya open house organized by our old friend Surina and Aliyas. That should be in Melaka. I had no objections since she told me that, she Will go the once Ikhbal reach home.

And way the went for rendang ayam, ketupat, mee goreng, laksa in perhaps… or mee kari, kuih raya…. yeaaa.. what else could they serve at this moment for Hari Raya? huhuhuhhuuhuhuhu………. sedap tu…!!!

Today I called home in Malaysia, my son Ikhbal answered the phone and again he was prepared to return back to school. Huhuhuhuuuhuhhuhuu…………….

Me and my wife, we always pray to the god, to bless our families, our kids, our mother and father and to give his “rahmat” at all the time. May Allah bless our sons and shower them with successfull for their future undertaking and “akhirah….. amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………………


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  1. handsome dah sorang ni…. a good boy also!

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