Well Control Inspection MB Hoist #22

Sunday 17th. August,2008 by PDOflight (Oman Air) we flew down to Marmul at 2:00pm. The delayed due to some technical problems, which was earlier annouced.

We reached marmul Airport 65 minutes later and by PDO bus, we departed and reached Nimr at 4:14 pm. Our accomodation had been boked earlier and tomorrow we will visit Hoist 22 which was operated in Nimr. As scheduled, 18th. August,2008  we woke up early that morning and I gave Hoist #22 a call which they had sent a driver to pick us up from the Sahara Motel.

The distance from Sahara Motel to Hoist #22 was about 15 minutes in driving distance. I didn’t recognize the driver who picked us up was Mohammed Al-Harthy’s father.

A hoist is a rig, ang the very different between this two rig is, a hoist was much more smaller then a rig. A hoist didn’t required more then one active mud tanks, big mud pumps and even top drive compared to drilling rig. So, our job will be much more easier for this time.

When we reached the location, it was an IDECO SSB DIR 5519, sucker rod Hoist, with less then thousand HP in capacity. I climbed up to the rig manager office and met the rig manager Mr. Salim an gave him a briefed on our purposed on spending 3 days with his Hoist.

After full brieffings had been given, we started our job. I instructed my good fellow (which I always brought him when visiting rigs and hoist) and he went through all the hard piping flow equipment for the well control usage. I went through all main units of the well control equipments and instruments.

We spent 8 hours there before we scoot back to the motel. The next day was a hard day where we went to the “Shared asset department” in Nimr Worksyop. At the same time, we had been informed that Hoist #2 was having some problems with their stacked BOP and return to Nimr for repair, and at the same time, new chiksans came allong with a full load from Muscat. It’s belongs to Hosit #22.

We gone through all of the certificates, MPI’s test and reports and made a bunch of copies to bring it back to the Muscat. We covered all assets documentations for the whole day and went back to our room in the motel late afternoon. Before I went baack to my room, I called the Nimr base administrator and asked him about our flight booking tomorrow, I’m really frustated and cancelled our booking as I had been informed that my booking was on waiting list no 20.

For sure, I won’t be able to get on the flight tomorrow and I decided to take a bus to Muscat at 6:30am tomorrow morning. What a f**k, I spent more then 8 hours to get in Muscat.

Our next trip will be this coming Sunday, to the same place in Nimr but in different location. I’ll make sure they confirm my flight schedule before I go, or otherwise… go and f**k with it.



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