My New HDD Video Camera

My brand new HDD camcorder, Panasonic SDR-H60. Just like other camcorder, with 60 gig HDD, O.I.S function, etc.

The unit came together with a carrying case and tripod, so I had saved some more riyals as I got it for free. It also came together with a tremendous standard accessories as well as battery pack, AC cables (2 pins and 3 pins), DC cables for continues playing of the camcorder when connecting it to TV, AC adaptor to supply power to the DC cables and for charging the battery, AV cables and product software CD. All for free…….. hehehehehehehehehehehehehe…….

After surveyed it at some other places(LULU, MCC, SULTAN CENTER,SABCO etc) with 60 gig of HDD, finally I grabbed it for a price of RO235, I think it worthed to have one. It was the latest model of its kind and just arrived in the market. Kira boleh laaaaaaaaaaaa…………….. daripada takder… (tak tau la kalau kena kelentong kat….. yem yey yen-yen yai yey yem yang kerja kat situ sebagai salesman).

There was a SD card slot, tapi SD card dia org tak bagi la, when I asked for it they said that they sell it saperately and have it in stock. The only way to get it is to pay some more additional “Riyals”. I replied, that’s good, please spare it for me for ten pcs and I’ll come back to get them after five years….hahahahahahha…….. I can get it more cheaper in Malaysia… in perhaps. It doesn’t have a touch screen but a tiny little joystick at the back of the camcorder (Macam “tik lalat” pulak) to run the menu on the screen.

DVD copy can be made directly from the Camcorder to the PC. Just plugin the cables to the laptop and press the DVD COPY button on the camcorder. Senang ler nak record blue nie……….. aaks..

Tomorrow I’m thinking ok using it for the first time, yer la kan nak balik Melesia minggu depan nie, nak capture la some views kat Muscat nie for my kids.


2 Respons

  1. RO235 tu berapa ringgit???

  2. aiyak…….. 230 X 8.5 = RM1955

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