saiful Swearing Act… made fools confusions…

Saiful Bukhari Azlan, had made a swearing act (perakuan sumpah laknat) in front of his family, friends, Jawi Director and some of the Islamic officers in Masjid Persekutuan, Jalan Duta on 15th August,2008 as reported.

His latest statement has raised lots of conflicts in confusions on his case in which involved former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. In his statements, Saiful mentioned that he had been sodomized by DSAI was not under his will but it was a compulsion by DSAI. In his swearing act, mentioned that DSAI had sodomized him by compulsion on the 26th. June,2008 and it was against Datuk Najib statement in one of his press conference that held before, said that Saiful had came and met him in his resident on the 25th. June,2008 claimed that he had been sodomized by DSAI.

As we known earlier from Dr Osman statutory declaration, clearly mentioned that Saiful had present himself at PUSRAWI on 28th. June,2008 to seek for medical treatment on his anus which he suffered for the past two days. After proper test had been made Dr.Osman observed that there was no positive evidence to support any unusual activities on his anus.

As he (Saiful) mentioned to Dr. Osman that he had been sodomized by one of the VIP, as a professional experienced medical officer, Dr. Osman advised Saiful to go and seek further test at any of the government hospitals due his complaint which related to a criminal case.

The confusion raised between Datuk Najibs statement and the latest Saiful declaration, the case might look to be more  feeble on screwing DSAI and convicting him on missed behavior and sexual abusement. We didn’t know the actual situation, weather it was a conspiracy on condemning DSAI in order to vanish his political career or it was true?

Now a days, statistically peoples are more believing that DSAI is not guilty as charge due to these two different statements, and convicting another people as a third party used to be the master mind on arising/creating this case.

We didn’t know who speaks the truth? Only the all mighty ALLAH and his Rasul new the best. In the other statement made by DSAI, he worned some of the members to be alert and to keep away their distance from being involved in another conspiracy which related to the Prime Minister.

Currently, we (Malays) had been devided in various cluster or clumps. We are no more in a slogan “bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh”.

We shouln’t allow a circus clown like Saiful to incite us as Malays to fight each others, to hate each others or to firm a barrier on each others, and that what he had done is dammed wrong and stupid. I witnessed your swearing to the god and all Malaysian witnessed you swearing to the god as you calim to be the truth and the truth shall be there for the rest of the days.



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