Najib, Munyiddin and Ku Li

Months ago, Pak Lah anounced that he would step down from his position as a Malaysian Prime Minister shortly, and lately declared that it would be happened in 2010.

In 2010, i think that Pak Lah didn’t have to step down and for sure Pak Lah and UMNO or Barisan Nasional will be roll down by Malaysians. As he had nominated, NajibMongolia to replace him as a PM, it seems that Malaysia is no more for Malaysian in democracy where we have no right to select our leaders anymore.

Tun Mahathir stepped down from his position as a PM, which happened in the the middle of the developments that he had brought and Pak Lah seem to show his Innocenton in the oposite side. Dung dung cey… to Pak Lah which selected a man with national and international issues to be a PM…. what is he trying to do?…. mau jual negara ka? …embarrassing…!!!!

The best way that Pak Lah has to bared in mind is to step down months ago, as he bring nothing to Malaysia. Only thing that he brought was only a new yogurt rather then fresh milk from the market…. In the event of an economic crisis, he owned neither abilities nor knowledge to solve the current issues. The only thing that he could done was listened to few words from some economic reports which prepared by some donkeys, and on the spot jumped and increased the oil price. Kita tunggu la….. one day he would say that, “saya tak baca report tu lagi………..”

Weeks ago, there was a debate between Anwar and Sabree Chik regarding “hari ini ambil alih pemerintahan, esok harga minyak turun”. Cet……….!!! Sabree Chik, before you wanna kick an ass of Anwar, better to prepare yourself, make more research and readings. All soalan raised by Sabree, answered by Anwar professionally and most answer gave by him emotionally…. Jangan la dok nak bantai orang lain, hang tu tengah dok online lived which viewed by most of Malaysian that really want to seek for the truth voiced out from the government. Cerita Anwar during his time as a DPM, kami semua dah tau, la nie kami nak tau all the existing situation….pa cita harga minyak naik mendadak??… 

Kalau lah PKR took over the government tomorrow, for sure he will lick Anwar ass and gave him a dam support and start to act like Eizam… definitely!!! 

Between Najib Mongolia, Muhyiddin Yasin and Ku Li, who’s the one who qualify to rules our country as a PM? I preferred most Tengku Razaliegh and Muhyiddin as his DPM. In the circumstance which Najib was involved into, definitely he won’t be the one. He needs to clear up all shits involving him with the Mongolian lady once and for all… sumpah-sumpah nie dah tak pakai dah…. kalau ya nak sangat, buat siaran langsung baca yassin beramai-ramai di Masjid negara tu… insyaallah.. the god shall show us the truth.

Stop provoking kes Anwar dok tujah juboq si Saipul nie, we are not interested, only cronies that playing the national rules licking and kissing the ass will do that. Shall there be the truth, Anwar liwat si Saipul, what it has to be done with us (Malaysian)????……. tapi kalau minyak naik harga secara mengejut/mendadak, and the goverment of BN intended to put burdons on our sholders, itu yang kami nak tau……..why?

KuLi, had declared that he have a solution to overcome the fuel price problems, which influence on solving the problem of the fuel crisis in Malaysia. We should allow and gie a space to an economic intelligent to provide ideas from various ways rather then hearing from peoples who have 0 knowledge about economics.

I’m not an economic specialist or intelligent, but I strongly on behalf of Malaysian would agreed to have an economic back ground leaders to lead our country now and in the future.



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