Eizam ready to reveal PKR top secrets

Eizam the MF SOB, ex 2nd secretary of a former minister DSAI, ready to reveal major secrets of PKR if DSAI shall continuesly dare to challenge his self-respect/pride.

Mohamad Eizam also said that since he had joined UMNO, he had personally being attacked by peoples through sms’s via hie wife handphone with lots of libel and despicable words. Yaa…. since this Fonzie as also known as a fingered ass licking good guy had joined UMNO, he could say so many bad things about PKR. In previous where he was in PKR he also got lots of things to be reveal about UMNO.

Boo to Mohamad Eizam…….. boooooooooo

just wanna say that this “SOB” need to be screwe up in the ass as to make him as a one man standing guy with a Principe. Next term, shall he joined another party, he also would reveal PKR and UMNO top secrects. Walla….. Mohamad Eizam, fuck off you son of a bitch, be yourself not on behalf of the others.


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