When man became dickens….

If we still remember in 1998, where Anwar had been accused for the first time which dragged him to jail for years and now again, under the same charge he will be drag for the second time.This time was a little bit different where a man which came form no where appealed with a police report that alleged sodomy by Datuk Anwar Ibrahim. 

In the other event, PKR has released a few photos shown Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan (23) posing with Khairi Anas Yusof at the Deputy Prime Minister Office. Wan Azizah had shown some of the photos to the public but refused to clarify where the photos came from.

Accusing Datuk Anwar Ibrahim under missed behavior on performing anal sex activities was too mouldy/stale. They should search for another concrete issue/reasons in order to drag him into the court or it was only a diversion off an existing political issues and for sure there will be no second political murder on Datuk Anwar Ibrahim. Malaysian knew that there was undiscovered murdered issue which involved our leader, in which I can say that the truth most likely to be reveal soon.

Under this crucial issue, someone was trying very hard to make a stupid issue as a  diversion to divert peoples attention from the most top crime issue to a “f**king in theass_home_made_issue. What a jerk……… It was quite embarrasing in our country, most likely all “hashole_F**king donors”…. offered by graduated peoples…. please laaaaaaaaaaaaa… how big already that “hass” had been rammed up and down by Anwar???…. buat dosa kering jaaaaa….. aparaaaaaaaaaaaa………….!!!




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