Going back to Marmul

Wut a day?

29th.June,2008 – Today morning at 7:40am, I’ll fly back to Marmul to continue back my routine on auditing the well control equipment and this time it’ll be MBRIG108 which worked really hard like a donkey for MEDCO.

Yesterday morning I had called our rig administrator in MBRIG28 to arrange our flight booking for today and it has been confirmed at 7:40am from Muscat International Airport to Marmul. This time we’ll take a bus from Marmul to Nimr and a driver from 108 will fetch us up from there to the rig. As we knew better then the camels and donkeys, Nirm will serve us more then plenty of sun shine with an excellent temperature of 45 to 50 degrees and a tremendous sand storm that shall cover our throat, ears and nose trail with a fine desert sand once inhaled. What a nice f**king vacation I’m going through with.

In Nimr, there was a place named Irad, which I used to visit 3 times last year. It was located 45kms away to the east of Nimr and graded road is the only way for anybodies to get there. Since we’ll be there by a pickup with 60km/hour, we shall take nearly an hour to be there and due to my experienced on driving a pickup to Irad, our journey won’t be so boring because we could see the beauties of the well heads and Christmas tree with spilled crudes all along the way to Irad. And if we are lucky we could see some camels, act like in the circus by climbing up the garbage bin to find food waste.

Even today is Sunday, I can wait Wednesday to come where I could grab my bag, be in the plane and scoot back to Muscat. What a wonderful Thursday, Friday and Saturday, now a days. Yeahh… as you all known better,….. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today………….. it’s a gift…. so shut the f**king laptop, go to sleep, there’s a flight to catch tomorrow…!!!!!!


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  1. enjoy the sun, sand and camel..

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