Hard days, hard week, hard month with head aces

What a day….

As I had to spent mostly a month in the middle of the desert far down in Marmul for well control equipments and instrumentation’saudit. Well, it seems like to be free vacation to me as I travelled every week by air, stayed in the fridge and enjoying sucking tons of dusty with sand storm everyday. 

last sunday morning at 7:40am, I departed from Muscat by Oman Air down to Marmul Airport which took 65 minutes for the forth times. Normaly, there’ll be a pick-up waiting for me at Marmul airport waiting for me from the rig. 

As rig 25 was very near to the airport, we took 30 minutes to be there, and rig101 was 30km away from rig25. This time we went to rig101first as planned and move down to rig 25 before departing back to Muscat on the next wednesday from marmul Airport. We spent 2 days in rig101 coz there are so many shits that we have to clear it there.  Then in the second day, we move down to rig 25 and reach there at 6:30pm. I called up the rig manager and informed him that I’ll be arriving to his rig at about 6:15 to 6:30pm.

What the hell that I had done, no bodies travel after 6:00pm, but do I have choice?… and definately the answer in “NO”. I should be there before Tuesday as I have to clear up another shits there on Tuesday and it’ll be takes the whole day to clear it up. My scheduled flight back to Muscat will be on Wednesday at 10:00am and I couldn’t do anything on that day as I have to scoot from the rig to the airport at 8:00am.

On Wednesday morning, I had been told that all flight to marmul has been cancelled and more worse they closed the airport landing and takeoff activities. Then I had been requested to move down to Salalah where I could get my flight from there to Muscat.

From Marmul to Salalah by a Land Cruiser with PDO specs… how long shall it takes? Good for nothing, we spent another three and a half hours to get there. As I reached the airport, the flight scheduled had been delayed to 1:00pm due to the delayed of the PDO bus from Marmul. What a f**k, I’m loitering around in the airport just from my seat to the toilet more then 3 times doing nothing.

I didn’t know why, as the camels also didn’t understood either why it was so dusty in the desert this year. I can said that, everyday there will be a sand storm and during that time I couldn’t see the rig infront of me within 10 meters in distance. My god the world is getting old and I might thinking that peoples in the desert will die soon except the camels.

Anyhow, I reached Muscat at 3:30pm with a an empty stomach. After grabbing my luggage, I’m thinking on having my lunch where my boss called me to come to the office for a meeting. I said, I’m sorry as I just reached the airport and heading to the dining table in a restaurant for my f**king lunch.

I spent my offday (Friday & Saturday) on the bed and today morning I attended a meeting in the HQ and tomorrow again I leaving to the desert………… I’ll see you again next Wednesday. 



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