Protests around the globe as oil prices pinch

Oil prices have doubled over the last year, with U.S. crude hitting a record high $135.09 a barrel two weeks ago, a troubling rise for energy ministers of the Group of Eight Nations plus China, India and South Korea, who are meeting in northern Japan this weekend. Since 2004, oil prices have shed their typical $30 a barrel stability to climb steadily, due to factors such as new demand from India and China and supply threats from conflict in the Middle East.

Here are some facts on how people around the globe have reacted to rising fuel costs:


* Britain: Hundreds of protesting truck drivers blocked London roads on May 28, causing chaos. Almost a week later fishermen’s groups massed in the centre of the capital to demand urgent government aid to protect them from rising fuel costs.


* Bulgaria: More than 150 truck drivers and dozens of bus drivers from across Bulgaria converged in a convoy on the outskirts of the capital Sofia on May 28, saying high fuel prices meant they were operating at a loss.


* Chile: Thousands of Chilean drivers parked their trucks along national highways on Tuesday to protest soaring fuel prices in a tacit rejection of the government’s $1 billion dollar (509 million pound) cash subsidy to consumer fuel prices.


* Italy: Commercial fishermen went on strike on May 30, closing down the industry on both coasts.


* France: Lorries and taxis blocked a major motorway in Paris and called for low-cost diesel on Tuesday, a few days after a mass fishing boat strike. Fishermen, truckers and farmers have staged numerous protests over the past month to pressure the government into helping them after oil costs doubled in a year.


* India: Leftist parties, key allies of the ruling coalition, called for a week of nationwide protests and strikes after India raised petrol and diesel prices by 10 percent on Wednesday. Even after the rise, fuel prices in Asia’s third-largest oil consumer are lagging far behind international prices.


* Indonesia: Hundreds of Indonesian students and police clashed in May 26 protests sparked by an almost 30 percent fuel price hike. Days before, police detained dozens as 2,000 people marched on Jakarta’s presidential palace, and similar rallies took place in Medan, North Sumatra, and Surabaya, East Java.

* Portugal: Portuguese fishermen stayed in port on May 30, as part of a wave of protests in European commerical fisheries.


* Spain: Almost the entire Spanish fleet, by far Europe’s biggest, stayed in port on May 30, calling for government action to lower fuel prices. Madrid fishermen handed out 20 tonnes of free fish, calling it worthless because of rock-bottom prices.

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