Pak Lah plan to step down

Pak Lah said that he’ll step down from his post as a Malaysian Prime Minister when times come. Mean while he said that currently he had huge responsibilities on ensuring the stabilization of UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

“One day I’ll retire, but I won’t until settled the whole current political issues” said Pak Lah. Once in a while, we have to admit that there was truth in his statements, and he can’t just walked away from his responsibilities after what ever that he had done for the past few years, and he definitely have right to make all the correction.

Since these days, Pak Lah has been condemned and accused of the bad achievement of UMNO and Barisan Nasional from the 12th Malaysian general election that held last month March08,2008. From the result of the election, Barisan Nasional loosed three more states as well as Selangor, Pulau Pinang and Perak beside Kelantan.

It’s time for Pak Lah to show his own leadership, be more serious and rule the country as a Prime Minister, not like an optimus prime (Transformer) before he could step down. As what that he had been told earlier by Tun, Pak Lah have to remove KJ from level 4, Pak Lah have to do it immediately or otherwise there will be more bad influences for Pak Lah created KJ.

Since these days, no body could be as good as TUN MAHATHIR on ruling our country. If Pak lah insist to coverup all the issues, he needs to seek for TUN advice. TUN MAHATHIR, has an excellent leaderships, he had ruled Malaysia for years and well known all over the world since at the first time as a Prime Minister. If TUN refused to be again as a Prime Minister, at least his knowledge, skills and abilities being carried by someone on ruling our country.

I still remembered the day where we put our signature before TUN stepped down, I wrote down “are you sure to step down?…” We are proud to be Malaysian, and since these days whenever or whatever peoples out there said about our country, we are proudly to be Malaysian. We have a good leader (TUN at that moment) with a stable economics and politics, and our leader was a mentor and being proud by all nations as a success Muslim leader even without the implementation of “Islam hadari” as well.

Now, we realized that have no choice, good or bad, better or worse, Pak Lah still the PM and we should support him as well as bring back UMNO and BN and gain trust from all Malaysian (Malays, Chinese and Indians) and he still need to step down at the end on the day. As he nominated Najib to replace him as a PM, did he sure to do that? For sake of all Malaysian and from our support to Pak Lah, please seek for TUN advise before yo do so.

Kita orang melayu haruslah bersatu, jauhkan hasad dengki, khianat dan iri hati. Sekali kita berjasa, sekali kita di kenang, sekali kita mengkhianati seumur hidup kita di benci.

Bersatu, Bersedia, Berkhidmat – untuk semua orang Melayu dan ahli politik Melayu.

Bersatu kita bersatu,

Dengan setia berganding bahu,

Kita teguh berpadu,

Kita rumpun Melayu.

Bersama kita bersama,

Mendukung hasrat semua,

Berjasa pada bangsa,

Agama dan Negara

Lambang kita yang gagah,

Dipandang mulia dan indah

Bersatu, bersedia, berkhidmat

Cogan katanya

UMNO terus mara

Untuk rakyat Malaysia

Lagu ini sedap di dendangkan dan sedap untuk tatapan telinga. Abadikanlah lagu ini, pemimpin laksanakan apa yang di amanahkan. lagu ini “ikrar” kalau bukan, pertandingkan lagu ini di dalam carta lagu popular selaras dengan lagu-lagu hiburan semasa. Mana tau kalau-kalau menang.


Satu Respons

  1. Dear miester @ master

    I support Pak Lah to continue his PM’s service.. Give him another one term to show his good capability@ to collapse our country…

    Ok thank u

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