BAlik MaLaYsiA

Today, Wednesday April 2nd. 2008 I’ll leave Muscat at 11:45pm for my two weeks holidays to Malaysia. What a thremendous feelings on me now. I could imagine how wonderful it would be once I touch my feet in Kuala Lumpur International Airport tomorrow at 1:20pm.

I’m hoping there shouldn’t be any delay of flight tonight as I’m taking “Ethihad” from Muscat to Abu Dhabi, then straight away to KLIA. I had called my wife and kids and they knew that I’ll be home tomorrow. I’m desperately want to meet all of my kids especially my lovely princes. She’s walking now, as I left her in a stepping stage.

At this moment I’m going to Mutrah for a bit shopping, when I stopped by to my friends offie to say hello, hi, how are you and can I use you internet?….. hehehehehehhe.. Meor (Zikay) was here and as always, he’ll give me a huge smile when ever we meet. Razak (Zikay) was not arround, he left the office for his kids.

Last night I met Charles, our prince from Occidental Mukhaizna…. hehehehehe… same look, same style and with a same smiles. We went for “kabuli” in OFFAIR before we joinned Hamzah and his family at TURKISH restaurant. He gave me a called once touch the ground after transitted in Dubai. What a huge complained he told us about inflight services of our proud MAS (Malaysian Airline System).

Anyhow, prince Charles had safely landed in Muscat yesterday, enjoying dinner last night and today morning he left to Mukhaizna by air at 7:30 in the morning. Talking about Mukhaizna, actually I just came back from there about a week ago. MBPS have one rig there operating in Oxy field. Well, since there was a problems in which unsolved (unbenificial issues), I’ll be there and did some talking, convincing the field operator, slept in a porta cabin, ate in the mess, smokes cigarettes in the desert, sucked in my lungs some dust then came back to Muscat with a report.

During my visit there, I met Faizul and Faizal (Malaysian in Oxy). I called faizul and met him at the night I arrived in Mukhaizna. He bring me and we met Faizal and we have a long chit chat until 12:00 midninght before I scooted to my cabin and slept till morning. 

Anyhow, I should congratulate myself for being successfully convinced my boss on getting my 2 weeks leave….. hahahahhahahaha… since these days, I have to bought the ticket at the first time then forward my leave form, but this time it’s in the opposite way. 

Last but not least…………………………Malaysia here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss…………………….!!!! 



Satu Respons

  1. Balik Malaysia jangan lupa diri haaa!!!

    Nanti balik Oman …. bawakla macam-macam….

    Jangan tak bawak apa……….

    Ingat haaaaa

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