2nd day Daniel at school

Today 4th. January,2007 – Today is the second day Daniel at school. I woke him up early morning as early as 7:00am and gave him his tooth brush and a morning shower. The very first words

Well, as you all known very well that we need to practice our kids to be independent from now in order to familiarize them when they are in school in the age of 7 years old.

I stayed at his school from 7:30am till 9:00am before I told him that I have to go back to do my job. As same as yesterday, he gave a huge what we called “meraung gajah” and I saw his teacher tried to calm him down. I did realized that, when I’m there he kept his attention out from his class to see me around and I thought my present there was not a good practice.

I went back home and told my wife that we can’t do this thing anymore, once we sent him to school we have to leave him. from there automatically we could practice him to familiarize himself with his new school, friends and teachers.

Daniel was so closed with me even slept in my arms at night but for his goodness, I realized that sometimes I have to give him a space to find some friends that he never met before rather then only staying at home. From there, he could enhance his thinking, communications skills and attitude. (I mean good attitude).

From tomorrow onwards, we just send him to school and leave him there as his second home. Monitoring period – 1 month


2 Respons

  1. I Love Hiphop Music

  2. kat oman ke ek ?

    salam maal hijrah ya 🙂

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