Masak Asam


Masak Asam Daging – The very best dish and the most tremendous food prepared by my wife Robie. All she needs is 30 minutes before she can serve me her wonderful masak asam on the table. Since the first day I came back from Muscat, No body in the world can challenged her cooking of masak asam, so wonderful, so finger licking good and you’ll ask for more definitely. She also tought me how to prepare the food and I’m getting used on preparing masak asam once in a while, I could say that, it taste good but not as good as Robie’s cooking. Wachaaaaaaaaaaaa………. full credit for you honey!!!

At the first time of our life together, she had successfully fulfill my variety of food especially masak asam…. ha ha ha deliciasooooo.. yum yum yum…..!!! So, for you guys out there please control yourselves not to be so jealous for the talent of my wife on preparing masak asam……. again another credit for you honey..!!! (you owed me two….)

The most important on preparing masak asam is the technique, besides the person who preparing it. The spice must be in correct quantity and mixed in correct way. Once you fry the basic ingredient, you should able to control the heat not to scorched it but to make the taste for each spice get mix together in your cooking pot. Turmerics will turn to bitter taste when it got scorched. No matter what type of chillies you used, whether you need to blend it from dried chillies or just get it readdy from the shops (chilly boh), it’ll give you the same taste as well as you prepare it in the correct way.

Types of masak asam, whether you want to use fishes, meat, meat fat (we called it “tetel”), chicken or anything, you should know how to adjust the gravy. For an example, if you prepare it with meat, you’ll found that the gravy will turn into dark color because of the meat. You should add more spice as well in order to enhance the taste of your masak asam or other wise your masak asam will be a little bit stinky. The same thing when you preferred to use ray fish, you masak asam will easily got stinky if it not been prepared in proper.

ha ha… if you want to know more on techniques of masak asam, you need to do more practices besides good knowledge on how to hold your ladle……… ha ha ha ha ha ha…


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