A day in Mahkota Parade


Last week 28 December,2007 – We went to Mahkota Parade, Melaka for our kids schools preparations. We parked our car “Thai Kwang”.

We bought for Ikhbal an exercises books for all subjects, new stationery’s, new geometrical sets, some exam exercises pads and other tools that he needs. We faced some difficulties at the first time to select his reference and exercises books due to all looked the same until we had been told by the book store assistant to look at the other section which suitable for PMR’s student. Finally, Ikhbal got what ever he wanted.

For Hafiz, he had made his owned selection of his reference and exercises books, he grabbed some stationery’s and asked me to buy him an electronic scientific calculator.

Amar choosed some reading materials, some stationery’s and I bought an English story telling book for him to improve his English readings.

Daniel, also didn’t wanted to be left behind, he grabbed few books and toys for him…!!!! he told me that it’ll be more helpful for him if I could bought him “UNO” card game set. We spent for Rm350.00 for all of it.


Once we finished, we went to KR restaurant for lunch. As for your knowledge, KR restaurant had moved from ground floor to first floor near to the Japanese restaurant.


We ordered one and a half roasted chicken, some dishes and drinks. We enjoyed our lunch before we went back home at 3:00pm.


Daniel gave a big smile after got what he wanted. 






3 Respons

  1. eat while you can, see you at hammer gym next month..he he..

    yaaa….. well, what time shall we go there today huh? by the way, how about the whey protein that we bought from GNC last month, it makes me felt like some drilling job with bloody pipe stuck on my head? erk…. creatine sounds to be good. he he he he common man lets rock on the trackmil and grab some dumb bells today…… yeaaaaaahhh…

  2. So.. for your other daughter…. apa yang awak belikan….? Jangan-jangan awak terlupa nak beli somethings for her….. 😀

  3. yo bro, nice hearing you back to Malaysia. Weh… how long you’ve been there? Missed you muahhh…muaaahhh….muah…..

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