Conspiracies Of Chua Soi Lek

 photo from Utusan Malaysia Onlinephoto from Utusan Malaysia Online

“I’m the one,…” MCA vice president, Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek (61) confessed that he’s the co starring and  as a main actor in the sex action movie with a young woman, which hit the box office DVD movie within  three Dr Chua in the press conference, stated that the young woman was his best friend and there’s no reason for him to release his position in the cabinet or party. He also condemned the person who irresponsible on producing the DVD and seek forgiveness from his family.

The DVD believed from CCTV recorded has been distributed to public for free in Muar and Batu Pahat by an unknown and published in Chinese Local Press last Sunday. Chua personally met PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his  Deputy Najib and seek for their forgiveness in Seri Perdana.Well, if we flash back what that had happened on Dato’ Seri Rahim, it should bring the same impact to Chua, and an action should be taken seriously to avoid and missed understanding between peoples and the government.

The sincerity of Chua should earn credits, but in terms of pride of BN and the country and since he’s one of the respected pioneer leader, Chua have to back off. Well, he’s 61 anyhow and there’re no such reasons that he could announce and tender his retirement and at the same time giving a way to the youngster under his organisation to lead.

Lets hear what peoples says about Chua conspiracies:-

” would like to think that the apparent systematic expose of dirt on the BN government and it’s cronies are the work of the opposition. First it was the Lingam tape, then this sex DVD. It could force the BN to have a few months of fire fighting before the typical Malays Awang in the kampong forgets the issue and carries on with his UMNO controlled life..!The few months gained will push the elections date to after April 2008… surprise surprise.. DSAI can stand in the elections…!!

Have a sneaky feeling about conspiracies.

Anyway, almost all the BN politicians are crooks and perverts.”

“Was he wearing a condom? For Pete’s sake, this guy is the Health Minister, and he can claim that he was indulging in a very healthy escapade. Was he seeing a hooker or mistress? Chua Jui Meng was known for that too, and maybe, there will be a brisk business in underground DVDs. “

“Soi Lek pun boleh jadi pelakon filem lucah ? Macam macam boleh jadi di negara kita ni,saya percaya banyak lagi VCDs lucah dari pelakon BN akan di pasaran pada tahun 2008.Negara kita ni sudah jadi Bandar Sex-lah.Ini -lah negara maju ala Barisan Nasional !”

” have a sneaky feeling too. Anwar Ibrahim is one shrewd cat who plays his cards well. He must be getting some solid tip offs from somewhere. In any case, the BN will suffer heavily if they held elections today.Playing the waiting game for public to forget the dead Mongolian, V.K. Lingam and now the health minister will force the BN to push back the elections till the latter half of the year.

But subvert the Hindraf, Bersih or the “Allah vs Tuhan” card now and they might scare enough in the MCA to open the sluice gates of money politics (the other parties are bankrupt).

I think Malaysia has had enough of the MCA’s financing of Umno, and by default, the NEP for decades. The other front that needs to be opened is MCA’s sleaze. Wasn’t Vincent Tan implicated in the V.K. Lingam tapes?

There is more to come. ”

all statements fetched from Malaysia Today

As we realized, since Tun Mahathir hand over his position as a Prime Minister and announced his retirement, so many things that bring a bad impact especially to the party happened. Why all this things happened? Why now but not before? Does it shows weaknesses of BN ruler to rules or do we still need Tun Mahathir to rule again the country for a term at least and reshuffle again the cabinets?

miester: nampak cam lemau jer………

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  1. …yg penting menteri kesihatan kita sentiasa pakai condom…

  2. ha2. nkth.

  3. erk….. double kondom kot?… + kondom asli yang tuuuuuUUuuuUUuuuu…………!!! erk..

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