Afternoon Special Menu – Mamak Tea


Teh Tarik…for sure all of you guys knew about it, a special selected loosed tea leaves liquid which blended (with or without artificial colour or flavour) been served in a mug with milk enhanced the oxygen content. Soon after that you’ll see a bubble leaked down from the mug and you’ll sip the “teh tarik” slowly and said “argh…!” for every single sip that you had made.

Not the same tea that you drink it in Oman, which used tea bags for 100Bz or 300Bz in Muscat Bakery itself, but here in Malaysia you can feel the different and the aroma that creates from the mamak hands will open you appetiser and gave you the tremendous taste until the last drop of it.

Once I came back to my hometown in Melaka, the  very first thing that I need to do is to lay my bud in “warung mamak” on ordered a glass of “teh tarik” with “mee goreng mamak”. Wow..!!!! what a taste… I didn’t look at the mamak face or definitely I’ll loose you appetite, I just ordered it and paid the revenge for the past 5 months.

I visited “warung mamak” a week continuously, especially during afternoon raining days until I felt my tummy perimeter increased for about an inch before I stop…. he he he. Well, I just have another 3 weeks to go before I pack and grab my bag back to Muscat.


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