My 15th. wedding anniversary

14th. December,1992, the day which I had received the Hijab on marrying my wife Robi Bte Md Isa, and last 14th.December,2007 was my 15th. years wedding anniversary.

the 29th. December,2007. We left our kids at my mother in law house, and went out for a late night movie at Mahkota Parade.

Purposely, we left our car and ride a motorbike, same like what that we had done during our engagement 15 years ago. Even the present situation wasn’t like before where the infrastructure is better then before, but we enjoyed it so much. I ride the motorbike with my wife hugged me from the back, we told so many stories on what that we had gone through together few years after married.

We reached Mahkota Parade an hour after departed and deepest from the bottom of my hart, I’m really scared when riding a motorbike. Cars gone passed us so fast and sometimes I felt better to go by car. The fastest that I can go is 80km/hour, and hardly to say that not less them 20 holes and bumpers I had gone through. Repeatedly I said sorry to my wife for it… he he he.

I parked the motorbike at the secure parking lot after asking some peoples, then straight away we went to the Golden Screen Cinema and booked a ticket. We planned to watch ” Alien Vs Predator” at the first time but since the ticket was a split seats we decided to watch ” The Warlords” which starred by Jet Li and Andy Lau.

Lucky we got the back seats and a very good viewed. But unluckily since the movie started until to the end I saw my lovely wife slept like a baby. He he he he………… But anyhow, we enjoyed our night by side seeing around Malacca by motorbike and spent our dinner together just like what we had done before our eldest son born.

We went back at 3:00am, on the way back home we had been followed by a police car wondered we were “mat & minah rempit”(well it was Saturday Night’s). I told my wife and ignored them and asked her to give me a huge hug from the back of the bike. On our way back home, we did saw some youngsters made “Willie” or what most peoples said “pacak” all along the road. We tried to avoid on being in their convoy (worried if something happen).

We reached home an hour later and loughed, before went to bed, I said to my wife that I would really appreciated her if she could give me a massage on my waist. (sakit pinggang naik motor). Next year we planned to celebrate it at City Bay View….. (few memories during our first year married).

2 Respons

  1. amboiiii…. seronoknya…. happy anniversary.

  2. mesti project dalam panggong ni….

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