I met my daughter for the first time after four years…(part 1)

December 27,2007, I woke up as usual and prayed “Fajar” Solat. I opened the door and looked outside, the weather is cold and still dark out there. It was so cool as I looked up through the dark to the sky, there aren’t any stars in the skies, and I thought it’s gonna be raining this morning.

 Fajar solat, my thought.

Since the weather was cold and the wind blew softly passed my ears, I decided to come back to bed. In my room, I saw my lovely 12 years old princes which I left her in the age of one month slept on my bed, I kissed her chicks and lips and suddenly she woke up… erk…. she gave me a big smile.

As I hugged her, my wife came in with a bottle of her “nenen”, oh, breakfast time for my princes. I handed her to my wife and walked to the living room where I saw 3 of my kids watching Dato’ Dr. Fazilah Khamsah (mumbling) on TV.

Morning, 8:00am, my wife had prepared “nasi goreng” for our breakfast and only my youngest son prefered cereals for him.

Then we all “lepak-lepak”, as our routine activities since I came back, we prayed “Dzuhur” then “Asar”.

As I planned today, is to visit my daughter in Jasin Melaka. I left her for long, well I can say since she was 6 months old. It was a long and old stories where I got divorced with my second wife and dragged into a big quarreled.

Without any further thinking, and as a man I scooted them all out of my life once and for all, when just because of that day when I came back from Miri, I’m not granted to take my daughter for a few hours. I didn’t knew weather I’m tired or what ever it was, I sent an SMS said that ” I’ll come back after I got a permission to bring my daughter out”.

Since after that day, I never see my daughter again and that was 4 years ago.

Until that day, when I received a called from my wife said that, “I met her……. I met her!!!….” I asked who?…. who did you met with…..?

to be continue………my wife called me to bed 


2 Respons

  1. Is your x-wife being problem with you…? Kenapa tak mempertahankan perkahwinan kedua you..?

  2. Where is the Part 2….?

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