Salah Siapa?

I arrived in KLIA from after an hour transited in Bangkok at 11:30am last two days. What a tremendous weather in Kuala Lumpur. I missed the greens, always looked rocked mountain and desert for the past 5 months. I can’t imagine how I spent more then 13 hours traveling by bus from Muscat to Marmul. Ya allah, what a bored journey.

the mountain. I looked around my house, it was green and tonight it’s raining. I missed that too since after “Cyclone Gonu” earlier this year.

Yesterday, when I sat in-front of my mother in law house with my foot on the veranda, my wife approached me a told me that there’s a letter from JPJ (known as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) for her brother which stayed in Gemenceh. (married with orang negori). There were two letters, I read it both, which mentioned that they requested the owner of a motorbike which registered under his name to appeal at the JPJ office in Seremban.

Suddenly, I remembered the motorbike that my “aruah” brother in law used which took his life last year.(died in an accident). It’s a long stories and to shorten it, the motorbike had been taken by my sister in laws husband and he did promised to renew the insurance and road tax (what ever required). 

I didn’t know what is going on, seems looks like one of the late P. Ramlee story, the registered owner of the vehicle is my brother in law which stays in Gemenceh. He came and met me, looked like “terperanjat beruk” and said ” bang Ngah, apa nie dah sebulan baru dapat tau ni…” and I also got shock like “lipan”, I said wut happened?

He gave me the lovely letter from the JpJ, which clearly stamped with a word of “SITA”. I read all the content and consult him to appeal himself at JpJ office in Seremban 2, and with feeling guilty as he should be, he asked me to accompanying him to the office. He’s actually spoiling my lovely vacation… but with a humanitarian feelings inside me, I drove him to the JpJ office in Seremban 2 and met the incharged officer.

After waiting for about 10 minutes, an officer came out with a bunch of files, called upon his name and hand over a letter which mentioned details of his vehicle. The office clearly advised him to buy an insurance and renew the vehicle road tax. Sometimes, I just dare to put a chair to his head when he asked the JpJ officer where can he get an insurance….. every-bodies in the front counter laughing at us an suddently I heard a voice from inside the counter said ” kang kalau aku suruh kau cari insurance tu kat kedai runcit… nanti kau marah pulak…”. Quickly, I closed the craps and said ok, the I asked the officer when can we take baack the vehicle.

He asked my bro in law to sign a few papers and said, try to settle all this primary requirements within 3 days and come back to the office and other shits will be follow later. I did saw a few papers in green colour, (not less then ten pcs) and one of it written “tiada cermin sisi”.

That’s a big shits…. I think he have to keep ready not less then RM2000 to settle out all before he could ride the motobike home from the “sita” yard. May god help him on that.

The motorbike which earlier took by sister in-law husband, which promised everything in the skies actually he’s a son of a bitch. He gave the vehicle to his nephew (which he claimed to be the one) for racing purpose. The motorbike had been modified for what we called “track used”. He used the vehicle for “merempit’ purpose and unluckily had been arrested by the JpJ. (you should know what shit would comes after….)

I’m not willing to get myself involve in this case, but I felt sorry to my brother in law which now he had been black listed by JpJ and can’t renew his car road tax. He’s a married man with 2 kids.


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  1. siapa kata kedai runcit tak ada jual insurance, silap silap kapal terbang pun ada jual oo…

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