Miester came back to Malaysia.


 Wut a day, once the Boeing 777 300E touched the ground, I felt so much different. “Malaysia, here I comes…..” that was language as mine all over the places, “wake up man…….. you are in Malaysia….”.

I took a flight from Muscat which has been delayed from 11:45pm to 12:30am(4:30am Malaysian Time) 13th. August,2007 in the morning to Kuala Lumpur with a connecting flight in Abu Dhabi. I spent nearly an hour in Abu Dhabi before boarded on a flight to Kuala Lumpur at 02:45am (Abu Dhabi Time/06:45am Malaysian Time). It took me about another 7 hours before the flight landed in KLIA at about 01:45pm (Malaysian Time). What a bored journey.


The only thing that I thinked was just to get my feet on the ground and make a call to my wife and kids to let them know that I already arrive in KLIA. Once landed, I rushly attended the laugage conveyor to collect my laugages. Just to let you know how glad I’m to be a Malaysian, we didn’t have to stand in long ques to get through the immigration with my passport in hands. I just put it in the machine pocket and the it does everything after scaning my fucking thumb and the process took less then 5 minutes.

Once I arrived at the laugages conveyor, I spent more then an hour to catch my laugages. I bougnt along with me a small bag which I brought it in the flight, two more with the cargo service where, a bag with all my fucking clothes, underwears and a golf set. I’m really supprised, and where the hell was my laugages? I asked the guy who stood with his walkie talkie for my laugages. He told me “one minute sir, your laugages is on the way….” Suddenly, I remembered…. I did heard this kind of words before…. ha ha ha…. then I said…… ok…!!! No wonder how small our world was, how wonderfull the god create us, anywhere we went, anybody we met…… we still heard the same words from different peoples. To avoid from hearing another, “it’ll be here after one minute sir……” so thats why I said its ok. (conversation terminated)

Once I grabbed all my laugages, I straight away to the arrival hall and called my wife and she picked me up an hour later. When she arrived, I’m really shocked once I saw my little princes which I left her couples months ago. Shes grown up with her shining ear rings, mini skirts and….. erk…. still sort hairs..?? Anyhow, shes’ nine and a half months now, I left her in the age of one month old. I had a very pretty and cute little princes. All my sons, three of them, gave me a huge hug…. wallaaaaaa…. I did realized, how nice to be with the family.

I drove another 45 minutes from KLIA to reach my house in Alor Gajah Melaka.


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  1. Whats the main difference between the baby carrier sling, and the baby carrier wrap then?
    A few parents I know use the baby slings, I assume the wrap is simply
    the non-connected type?

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